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After-sales service

New equipment
Using unit asking me to plant personnel to the scene debugging, you must do the following work:
• The main components installed, and make adjustments as required, testing, comply with the accuracy requirements, parts are complete and in good condition.
• Power supply and motor wiring is correct, motor operation, hydraulic station and fill it with hydraulic oil (first fill).
• Install the feed tube, pipe, water pipe lines and all valves and should be clear, so as to avoid rework.
• Pipeline valves, pneumatic valves, Bell aerobic source pipe and led wire, pneumatic valve should act sensitively.
⒌ auxiliary equipment (such as pressure vessels, pumps, air compressors, etc) installation is complete in good condition.
• Should prepare enough material, gas, water and other conditions, meets the test requirements.
⒎ based on slurry filtration requirements, the need for coagulation items should be enough appropriate coagulants.
⒏ slurry test and inspection requirements for users, should be equipped with a professional laboratory, as well as all necessary to use laboratory equipment and reagents.
⒐ is equipped with good maintenance worker 1-2, operators several others.
General tools ⒑ available, such as the monkey wrench, hammer, pliers, screwdrivers, pliers, hex wrench, and equipped with a small amount of engine oil, lubricating oil, cotton yarn and other supporting materials for your use.
11. upon completion of the above preparations, please fax the notice to request debugging our after-sales service department, the company will send professionals to debug.

Maintenance and repair

Serial number

The symptom

The causes



Insufficient oil pressure

  1. Pressure relief valve not adjusted properly or is damaged
  2. Valve oil leak
  3. Cylinder seals wear
  4. Pipeline leakage
  5. Solenoid directional control valves are not in place
  6. Plunger pump damage
  7. Oil level is not enough

1. reset or replace 
2. adjustment or replacement 
3. replace the seal 
4. repair or replacement 
5. clean or replace 
6. replace the 
7. come on


Poor pressure

  1. Oil leaks
  2. Piston ring wear
  3. Pilot controlled check valve failure
  4. Safety valve leaking

Maintenance oil 
With kerosene to clean or replace 
With kerosene to clean or replace


Pressed, return None

  1. Oil level is not enough
  2. Plunger pump damage
  3. Return the relief valve spring relaxation
  4. Solenoid valve no action

Come on 
Replacement of spring 
Cleaning replacement


Device failure

  1. Transmission is stuck
  2. Time relay failure
  3. Plate system electrical failure
  4. Solenoid valve fault

Clean adjustment 
Repair or replacement of 
Repair or replacement of 
Repair or replacement of