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Filter press plays an important role in the work of our production, maintenance becomes the key to extend the life of the shuttle. So we should carry out the following maintenance work on a regular basis:
l, debug and normal pressure filter can be fed, before working on the machine for a comprehensive inspection of each class. Mechanical pressure tight drive parts and the deceleration box must added foot lubricants; hydraulic pressure tight review tank storage oil volume and the hydraulic station work pressure, hydraulic oil general annual replaced once, replaced Shi should hydraulic system for-times full cleaning, hydraulic station work pressure is less than oil cylinder highest work pressure, but minimum cannot below filter pressure allows value, had small will caused larger leakage, had Assembly damaged parts.
2, forbid the filter plate is less than specified quantities of plant is powered on, so as not to damage the parts.   Check before charging arrangement of filter plates, filter cannot have collapsed, preventing large leakage; after removing the bread plate close to the clamping arrangement must be in order. 3, everything is normal before the compaction pressure filter filter plates, filter pressure and temperature must be within the specified range, high pressure can cause leakage filter high temperature plastic plate deformation, when feeding suspensions to be uniform. There shall be no impurities; cake discharge filter cloth and filter plate you must rinse residue is not allowed in the sealing surface of the paste in the feed channel or, otherwise it will affect the smooth feeding and sealing of filter plates, which causes the filter plate pressure imbalances, cause damage to the filter plate.
4, and filter cloth of select must to meet filter paddle of filter technology requirements, new filter cloth making Qian should first shrink, open hole diameter should is less than filter Board aperture, supporting filter Board Shi sustainability and Board hole should relative concentric, into material hole cloth Jane should snap tube wall, or will caused, filter not clear, filter rate low, cloth tube rupture, up not to expected filter purpose consequences.
5, beginning of the filter in the filter, filtering more cloudy when the filtrate after forming a layer of cake on the filter cloth will clean. Such as landfill leachate has been cloudy or clear cloudy, it might be broken or sustainability of the filter cloth with hole deviation, or stop feeding at this time to close the valve replace filter cloth. Filter plate filter cloth capillarity causes a small amount of leakage is allowed.
6, move the filter plate, force should be uniform and appropriate, not collision, beat, so as not to damage the sealing surface and filter wrench. Filter cloth use for some time will harden, performance degradation, this is subject to periodic checks, if there is any change affecting the filtration rate, is available in the corresponding low concentration of weak acid and cleaning, filter cloth to restore function, cannot recover the change in time.
7, pastes, lotions or compressed air valves, must be enabled according to the procedures, cannot be enabled at the diaphragm filtered compressed air pressure should not exceed the pressure when squeezed.