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We of maintenance protection skills operation personnel up primary survey pressure filter machine of mechanical structure, then can more precise to find operation process in the rendering of problem, following let we specific survey Xia pressure filter machine by which several sample primary parts composition:
machine frame
machine frame is pressure filter machine of Foundation parts, two is check push Board and pressure tight head, sides of beam will both even persistent up, beam to support filter Board, and filter box and pressure tight Board. A,, and check push Board: it and bearing convergence will pressure filter machine of a Ann is located in Foundation Shang, van type pressure filter machine of check push Board Center is into material hole, four a angle also has four a hole, Shang two angle of hole is washing liquid or press gas imports, Xia two angle for export (undercurrent structure so filtrate export) b, and pressure tight Board: to pressure tight filter Board filter box, sides of wheel to support pressure tight Board in beam of track Shang scroll. C, beam: is the load-bearing components, based on the application of corrosion protection requirements, may choose rigid PVC, polypropylene, stainless steel cladding or a new anticorrosive paint coating.
pressing mechanism
pressing mechanism includes a manual press, mechanical pressure, hydraulic pressure. Mechanical jacks manual compaction is based on the spiral propulsion clamping plate filter press. Mechanical pressure clamping mechanism consists of a motor (overload of advanced equipment maintenance Manager) reducer, gear, screw and fixing. Nut composition. When pressed, the motor is turning, drive speed reducer, gear, screw fixing screw change, advance the pressing plate will be pressing the filter plate, filter box. Dang pressure tight force increasingly big Shi, motor load current increases, dang big to maintenance device set of current value Shi, arrived maximum pressure tight force, motor cut power, suspended change, because silk rod and fixed silk mother has solid of since lock spiral angle, can solid to guarantee task process in the of pressure tight form, returned Shi, motor Rotary, dang pressure tight Board Shang of pressure block, touch pressure to trip switch Shi returned suspended.
filter/> filter bodies consists of filter plates, filter cloth, filter boxes, crush barriers, and filter plate filter cloth coated on both sides, when equipment crushing barriers, a set of filter plates by the barrier plates and side plates. Barrier plate substrate coated on both sides with rubber barrier, barrier coated outside with filter cloth, filter plates of the side panel that is popular. Material from the thrust plate on the material enters the filter Chamber, solid particles due to its diameter is greater than the filter media (filter cloth) trapped in the filter Chamber, the aperture, the filtrate from liquid hole below the filter plate out. Cake needs when dry, in addition to the barriers outside the press, air or steam available tightening, from washing into the air sweep away the moisture in the cake, to reduce moisture content of filter cake.
filter cloth
filter cloth is a primary filter media, filter cloth of selection and using, on filter results has resolution sex of effect, selection Shi to according to filter material of PH value, solid grain diameter, elements selection suitable of filter cloth material and aperture to guarantee low of filter cost and high of filter efficiency, using Shi, to guarantee filter cloth flat not discount, Aperture dredge.