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plate-and-frame filter press
of plate and frame filter presses by replacing display filter plate filter box and a set of Chambers. Filter plate appearances, grooves, its projecting parts supporting the filter cloth. Corner of the filter box and plate through hole Assembly formed after the good channel, to suspension of access, the wash water and leads to the filtrate. Supporting hand on each side of the plate, box beams, by pressing install pressed Board, box. Board, between the effect of the sealing gasket of the filter cloth. Material supply pump suspension hydraulic filter into the filter Chamber filter press plate and box constitutes a filter on the filter cloth, until the full filter Chamber. The filtrate flow through the filter cloth and filter plate grooves to plate-and-frame corner channel, concentrated discharges. End of the filter, to access clean water wash wash residue. After washing, sometimes into the tight air, remove the remaining cleansing liquid. Then open the filter remove residue, cleaning cloth, new compression plates, boxes, beginning the next task cycle.

plate and frame filter to filter tightening or nearly no tighter suspension can fit the Bill. Appropriate suspensions of solids concentration is generally 10%, ordinary operating pressure 0.3~0.6 MPa, remarkable up to 3 MPa or higher. Can be used with the filter area increases or decreases the number of frame. Frame is square, 200~2000 mm on a side of the filter box, box 16~80 mm thick filter area is 0.5~1200 square meters. Plate and frame with a manual screw, electric screw and hydraulic pressure. Boards and boxes made from wood, cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, polypropylene and rubber materials manufacturing.
van-type pressure filter
van-type pressure filter structure and tasks the truth and plate-and-frame filter presses are similar, differences that the sides recessed filter plates, filter plate every two blocks consisting of a box-shaped Chambers, save filter box filter plate with a circular hole in the Middle suspension into the filter Chamber. This filter applies to requirements under high pressure washing of filter cake does not demand suspension.

Vertical filter press filter plate and overlay, constitute a set of Chambers, ground is small. It used one continue the belt, after complete filtering, unloading the moving belt residue and clean filter belt, operation automation. Filter press with limitations-Canton, constructs are more sketchy. Board and box pressed and spread out, unload slag and cleaning cloth can perform Active operations, filter presses to the enlargement. Pressure filter in the filter Chamber after the addition of flexible rubber barriers, can be used in the filter at the end of high pressure water or condensed air through tight rubber barrier filter, so that the residue was further squeezed off liquid form variable volume of the filter Chamber, filter by tightening the gap pressing filter, the pressure up to 1~2 MPa.