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With technology of day Crescent benefits, pressure filter machine Shang also can using efficient energy-saving of frequency device:
used latest high-speed motor control dedicated chip DSP, ensure vector control swiftly echoed
hardware circuit module of design, ensure circuit not variable efficient running
appearance design even Department European car design concept, line fluent, shape beautiful
structure used self duct design, fan can free apart, thermal sex good
No PG vector control, and has PG vector control, and Turned moment control, and V/F control are can select
strong of entered output more function can programming Terminal, adjustable speed pulse entered, two road imitation volume output
common of "digging machine" since conform to control features, on running period motor turned moment ceiling active limit, useful resisted had flow frequently trip
wide voltage entered, output voltage active regulator (AVR), instantly lost electric has been machine, conform to to more strong
built-in progress predecessors of PID algorithm, echoed fast, and conform to sex strong, and Debugging simple, 16-speed control, PLC briefly finished on-time and constant speed, orientation and other functions

logic control, a variety of sensitive control methods to meet all kinds of differences complicated working conditions requirements
built-in MODBUS RTU ASCII communications talks of international norms, the user can go through PC/PLC control PC complete