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With type concentrated pressure filter machine (following referred to with type pressure filter machine) is according to chemical flocculation gel contact filter and mechanical extrusion truth and made of efficient solid liquid parting equipment, for its has process briefly, and active of level high, and running continued, and control operation simple and task process can conditioning, series strengths, and save has sludge concentrated pool, and in must level Shang throttle has established funds, are get increasingly General of using.
by flocculation gel of sludge first into gravity dehydration district, big local free water in gravity effect Xia by filter with was filter except; followed filter with of running, sludge into by two article filter with constitute of wedge shaped district, two article filter with on sludge purposes slow pressure, sludge gradually increased heavy, activities sex reduced, transition to press district; in press district, sludge was increments of extrusion force and two article filter with upper and lower status replaced change by occurred of shear force of effect, big local remaining Yu sludge in the of free water and clearance water was filter except, Flake with a lower water content of sludge cake; upper and lower belt after parting at the unloading roller emerged transformed and scraper belt curvature of the filter cake scrapings, solid-liquid separation of materials, and the upper and lower filter belt wash when using, for the next cycle of concentrated filter.
with type pressure filter machine in practice engineering using in the by hit of primary skills economic target has: ① disposal to, II mud cake containing water rate, ③ chemical pharmacy voted added volume, II power spent, ⑤ scour water consumption volume, ⑥ with tension, sadly useful bandwidth, ⑧ filter with running speed, Krispy Kreme gas source pressure, primary target, this disposal to is evaluation with type pressure filter machine integrated function of primary target. Effect with type pressure filter machine disposal to of elements many, but primary performance in gravity dehydration district, and press district and filter with running speed, and filter with tension, and Roll diameter (size, and package angle and middle from), and filter with (breathable volume) select, and added drug health results, aspects, is with type pressure filter institutions made design, and produced manufacturing, quality of integrated performance.