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As everyone knows, the filter press equipment on such machines in the market a lot, different filtering methods, different filters can, different filtering materials, so a lot of filter press equipment. Now I said for plate-and-frame filter presses and belt filter press equipment for a brief comparison.
first for said they of same points, Board box pressure filter machine and with type pressure filter machine equipment are using of quite of General, in city sewage disposal, and food processing, and oil chemical, and metallurgical manufacturing, and mining mining, and metal forging, and medicine pharmaceutical, and electronics, and chemical industry, industry abyss of using, disposal these industry of in industrial produced by occurred of solid liquid inclusion liquid, they up to filter parting effect effect. Recycle, disposal of wastewater, maintenance.
talk about their different places:
plate-and-frame filter press
filter structure of such brief, strong function, meet Community requirements. But compared to belt-filter press equipment has the following differences. 1) task of plate and frame filter press is used in intermittent operation, or forget a complete operation of the task cycle, talent start tasks: feeding--filter-press-dull-discharge. Artificial demand for some equipment together to finish it, so that increases the chance of paid damages equipment. 2) a process of changing the filter cloth, and van-type pressure filter changing the filter cloth is also more complex, will also affect the nature of the filter cloth filter cloth then Prime and affect efficiency of filter press equipment. 3) plate-and-frame filter presses filter water bottom than the belt, limitations of the ordinary can be reached 30%.
belt type filter press
belt type filter press, as the name suggests, it filtered residue of belt filter cloth poured out from time to time, this constitutes a task of belt filter presses, high filtration efficiency. But unlike plate-and-frame filter press are: 1) the market price high, volume significant. 2) filtered residue moisture high, common only in 45%.