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In a number of key monitoring of industrial pollution sources, significant part of pharmaceutical enterprises. Fermented raw medicine production enterprises, the majority of which local enterprises were discontinued because of environmental problems. Therefore, potential consumption, increase economic benefits of raw medicine production enterprises will become the important work for some period in the future. Vertical automatic pressure filter below practical examples to illustrate the environmental protection and energy conservation, development and technical application of API equipment.
more and more pharmaceutical companies are using the technology of low yield, with the thinning trend in product size. Its main method of partial dehydration is one of the advanced nature, to reduce energy consumption and waste and loss levels. Finland automatic solid-liquid separation of vertical automatic pressure filter solution significantly reduces energy consumption, water consumption, demand and waste disposal costs, and improves recovery. Vertical automatic filter presses and other practices of different dehydration ways, not centrifugal, vacuum, heat, or other similar methods, but expansion membrane hydraulic and combination, to maximize the separation of power, and with a minimum of energy consumption more efficient solid-liquid separation effect. Compared with centrifuge and vacuum filter, vertical press filter can significantly improve the ability of existing dryers. For example, the filter cake moisture reducing 3% can improve the disposal quantity of drying equipment 16% if you do not need to increase production, can significantly reduce energy consumption per unit dry.
on the whole API equipment should be based on new changes in global markets, from raw materials of pharmaceutical machinery and equipment technology. Strengthening the application of new technologies: research on environmental protection and energy saving and safety technologies, development of automation technology, strengthen the application of virtual technology, realization of modular design. Equipment, including reaction Tower, crystallization separation equipment, filtration equipment, equipment (such as filter presses), evaporation, extraction equipment, distillation equipment, heat exchanger equipment, drying equipment, screening equipment, storage equipment and sterilization equipment. It is well known that raw materials machinery and equipment is one of the 8 major categories of products for pharmaceutical equipment. Is a raw materials producer in China, but not raw medicine production powerhouse. For many reasons, but important reasons is that API equipment production and application of new technologies and international level there are some differences. Therefore, to raise the level of production and quality of Chinese crude drugs in addition to improve the production control software and hardware specifications, also according to global market changes, strengthening the application of new technologies for API equipment, real and international practice.