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In the filtering industry, many companies are using press filter to work, application of press filter in industrial market now is very extensive. We basically know filter filter presses evolved, but filter is not a filter, there are many filter no filter benefits, these benefits can help the enterprise to work faster and better, what good is it.
pressure filter machine of filter area more big
we are know enterprise of production basically is by pressure filter machine of filter area decided of, and filter cloth and filter Board of area is decided pressure filter machine area of a important factors, and traditional of filter machine basically only a filter Board and a filter cloth, this on decided a filter machine of production is very limited of. When the filter has been unable to meet the requirements of industrial mass production, when filter appears. Filter can achieve a superposition of filter plates, filter press filtration area more than 10 times more than the filter or even dozens of times, maximum increase in production area of the filter.
filter filter better
filter before because of technological limitations, resulting in production when there is no way to exert too much pressure on size, so after work, filter cake moisture is relatively high. Filter on the market today are essentially hydraulic pressure filter, filter when pressure hydraulic oil is basically moving, this pressure is much larger than the pressure of the filter, filter press after the work is completed, than filter cake moisture of filter cake moisture content less frequently.
a variety of slurry filter
now not only wastewater treatment plant needs, many companies have started to make a filter. For other industry of requirements, filter machine no approach achieved, can pressure filter machine can is good achieved, many industry are can using pressure filter machine to on himself of filter liquid, slurry or solid for filter and solid liquid separation
this two aspects of advantage let now many need for filter of enterprise have select using pressure filter machine to for work, it huge of production, and super low of containing water rate and very strong of adapted force are let many of enterprise in production of when are select pressure filter machine to for work.