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&Nbsp;      when buying pressure filter, consumers tend to consider two issues: quality and price. Many consumers are holding quality and price is proportional to the idea to buy the filter, but expectations in mind constantly filter press with good quality and low price. Many filter manufacturers according to the this, deliberately exaggerated publicity of the filter press and use low prices to deceive consumers.
        remind consumers buy when the filter must remember "you get what you pay for" buying criteria, don't go for cheap, fall into the trap of bad business. Buy filter when you want to see its quality and to weigh the price of it. Due to the different filter types, power and makes a big difference, which also led to press price differences.
        how to filter presses according to measure the quality of its price?
        first is the filter type, which is also the main reason for differences. Difficult because of the pressure filter in the production process requires high labor costs and the increase in material costs, so the price would create a difference.
        second is filter filter area. Large filter area filter prices are more expensive. High power, large area, high performance products in our daily lives is higher than normal prices, it is also known.
        Finally, filter automation. With the social development and the improvement of people's living standards, Automation has spread to the machinery sector. Fully automatic filter presses filter prices higher than semi-automatic.
        said that due to recent press pressure of market competition constantly increases, a few bad business through substantial price cuts to attract consumers, consumers buy filter machines must be careful.