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Plate and frame filter installation process

Because of the particularity of the plate-and-frame filter press, installed before use be sure to follow the correct procedure, so as to maximize the filter operation. Following is the installation process:
1, according to the supplier's foot size embedded hole design, using two Grouting.
2, filter should leave enough space around the machine for ease of operation and maintenance.
3, plate-and-frame filter presses should be placed horizontally on the floor, rear foot bolts for roof fixed on the base. (Note: the foot bolts only after the fixed roof, pull the dry bending because of the Panel boxes have some downward pressure, when the pressure filter press work, LAGAN was straightened, resulting in a small amount of displacement, if both ends fixed, may lead to loose or damaged rack.
4, filter cloth material, in accordance with the relevant specifications depending on the material, pressure, temperature, select the appropriate filter.
5, plate-and-frame neatly on the rack according to the request will be processed cloth orderly rows on the filter plate, note the feed hole filter plate and rinsing holes correspond.
6, plate-and-frame filter press power on, check whether the normal. Motor positive inversion to check whether it meets the requirements of mechanical transmission, gearbox, head filled the oil cup oil, screw, gear lube is great. Hydraulic fluid power-check the gear pump operation, the sound is normal, the hydraulic system for leaks, the piston rod in and out smoothly.

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