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Working principle of plate and frame filter press

plate and frame filter presses are frame squeezed, expels the water through the filter cloth in the sludge, achieve the purpose of dehydration. It consists of concave-type filter plates, frames, closed system, automatic-pneumatic suspension system, filter plate vibration system, compressed air equipment, filter and high pressure washing equipment and electro-optic protective device on the side of the fuselage, and so on.

advantages: cheap, mud pie high solid content of disadvantage are: intermittent operation, covers an area of large, high frequency of maintenance. So now most of the sewage treatment plant was no longer choose to use this equipment.

the filter room. Believe that as long as people see horizontal filter presses, know-the most important part of plate and frame filter press-filter room, it is a separate piece of filter plates, filter cloth between, and after the equipment providing strong pressure to make them into the filter Chamber.

it primarily is the filtration and separation effects, its work, filled with filtered hydraulic and internal energy is still very high, if there's a tiny sealed cannot be achieved, which is what causes the filtering Chamber total pressure is not high enough, cause the filtered liquid to filter by normal flow path, thus affecting the efficiency and quality of the device. Added filtering fluids also with penetration from the not closed out, this will not only reduce the quality of the equipment, also added the device useless, resulting in a waste of equipment. So you can see that the filter press equipment to work properly it must filter Chamber sealing effect.