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Failure analysis of filter press

pressure filter machine fault analysis impact phenomenon: pressure filter machine in using in the, sometimes will produced liquid pressure moments increased, produced pressure peak, than normal pressure high out many, pressure pointer over electric contact pressure table ceiling, originally thought is pressure table phenomenon, after times track found, in insurance pressure state occurred, its pressure value above highest pressure 4~6MPa Zhijian, high out highest pressure many. Filter inlet connection to the feed pump pipeline by adding a common pressure gauge installed in the feed tube above the valve, repeatedly switching valves to control the flow, each filter working pressure adjustment.

effect of pressure on hydraulic system: depending on the plate-and-frame media and filter pump filter presses to adjust working pressure, on the premise of ensuring product quality and reasonable selection of pressure to protect the hydraulic components. Re-adjust the working pressure of the system, each of the total workload and pressure the pressure filter system is far greater than the updated work pressure, this is a filter in the filter process, the damaged hydraulic components leads to the main causes of leaks.

oil temperature of effect: usually think, hydraulic oil of oil temperature in 10~65℃, oil temperature high will makes oil liquid vaporization, and water evaporation, easy makes hydraulic components produced points corrosion; oil liquid oxidation formed rubber-like deposition real, easy jam filter oil device and hydraulic valve within of small hole, makes hydraulic system cannot normal work; while will accelerated rubber sealed pieces aging metamorphic, life shortened, even lost its sealed performance, makes hydraulic system serious leak.

causes of oil pollution of hydraulic oil pollution is complex, coupled with hydraulic oil itself continues to produce oil, it is very difficult to completely prevent pollution, in order to prolong the service life of hydraulic components, ensure that the hydraulic system to work properly, reduce leakage, a practical method is the hydraulic oil pollution control within a certain limit. General do not brush paint the tank wall, so as to avoid oil in the sediment. B impurities of the filtering system. Accuracy of the relevant parts of the system to set the appropriate filter, and periodically check, clean or replace the filter. New oil to the tank forward, over a static sedimentation, filtering before they can join the system and, if necessary, may be located between the fuel tank and precipitated the new oil and filter, ensure cleanliness of the oil.