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Part of the filter

filter rack section is a part of the main body of the machine, to support a filtering mechanism, connecting other components. It mainly by thrust plate, pressed plates, cylinders and components such as main beam. When the machine is working, oil cylinder piston push clamping plate, located between the pressure plate and thrust plate filter plate, diaphragm plate, filter cloth pressed to ensure slurry with pressure in the filter Chamber by pressure filtration.

automatically pulled by hydraulic motors, robotics, drive train and suspension components, such as device. Driven by the hydraulic part clamping plate clamping or releasing the filter plate power unit, equipped with a piston pump and control valves (see figure v: hydraulic system diagram). Pressure tight filter Board Shi, by Xia "pressure tight" button, motor started, piston rod Qian moved, pressure tight filter Board; Dang hydraulic rose to electric contact pressure table of ceiling value Shi, electric contact pressure table ceiling connected and stopped pump;

at, pressure filter machine that into automatically insurance pressure state; Dang hydraulic fell to electric contact pressure table adjustable set of lower value Shi, column plug pump again started to guarantee filter by needed work pressure; return Shi, by Xia "return" button, motor started, piston rod led pressure tight Board return, filter Board release; by Xia "pulled Board" button , Robot automatic reciprocating plate when finished when the last piece of plate, mounted on thrust plate main beam switch was activated, robot automatic return, when the robot back to the starting position, touch switch and stops automatically.