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Plate and frame filter troubleshooting

plate and frame filter presses filter would result in negative water head or air resistance, the best solution is to filter on the filter surface at 1.5 m depth, so as to avoid air enters the filter when the filter bed. Filter backwash can also reduce the accumulation of air bubbles in the filter material in time.

water and air flushing pipe corrosion and clogging of the air tube, plate and frame filter press in the pool automatically air and water backwash anticorrosion pipe must be made, if not for anti-corrosion treatment, in General carbon steel pipe in filter is corrosion in less than a year. With air flushing due to the high velocity air holes will disrupt the supporting layer, so much that small particles of gravel and filter into the air tube air tube plug. Solution of approach for: 1, and air tube hole mouth at of Pebble diameter cannot too small; 2, and hole mouth at of support layer used pomegranate stone instead of Pebble; 3, and used rough-fine-rough support layer, that in Pebble support layer Shang again added several layer anti-grain degrees layout of support layer, upper support layer of purpose for pressure with bottom of support layer; 4, and with stainless steel screen fixed support layer; 5, and will anti-flush air tube placed anti-flush water cloth pipes of following.

filter clogging and cracking, which usually occur in the automated plate-and-frame filter press feeding on the surface of the fine particle filter. Dual media and mixed media is not a problem, because the top surface of the filter pores larger than sand filter. But when the double-layer filter and mixing filter using the filter when the filter, this behavior may also occur. Dosage should be reduced to allow the particles penetrate deep in the filter bed.

due to Floc through the filter bed and high turbidity caused by water filtering cycles. Due to mixed plate and frame filter press filtration sand filter and dual media filter particles that have more surface area and 40-80 purpose fine particle filter in mixed media, and 10%, 40-50 purpose fine particle filter in the sand in the 9%, 40-50 purpose fine particle filter in double layer filters the material, and 5%. Mixed media the most fine-grained Garnet filter materials are not only small, and is located in the bottom of the filter which filters light load, Garnet filter materials can be used as fine filters. Flocculation of fine particles on the filter surface storage of depth of sand is 0, the dual media of 450 mm. Automatic plate-and-frame filter press hybrid filter for 675 mm. For the same volume of the filter bed, hybrid filter particles than other filter, this filter gel in contact with water, which greatly improves the removal of colloid. Hybrid filter prevents the Floc through the filter bed.