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Plate and frame filter presses filter selection techniques

plate and frame filter press filter fabric should have a higher barrier of solid particles, while the resistance to fluid flow should be minimal. Cake the plate-and-frame filter press cloth surfaces should be smooth, there is no fluff, try to go easy on integrating strong, the material should have the chemical stability in dealing with media.

in order to make the initial resistance of plate and frame filter press cloth to keep longer, after each loop should be plate-and-frame filter press cloth residue from surfaces and channels all in addition to the net.

according to the thickness of the filter, humidity and mechanical properties (solid, thick, etc), with ordinary scrapers, or greased, round, or rope, cloth to remove residue from the filter. When curettage when bonded with a greasy residue, blade can clog the pores of the filter cloth. The residue on the filter cloth clean clean enough, slag removal equipment stuck in the tiny solid particles in the pores of the filter cloth and filter cloth after slag removal without regeneration, will reduce the capacity quickly. Therefore, in the continuous operation of plate and frame filter press, suspensions can be handled by only deposited on a solid, dry and easy to filter separation when residue, blade away. Filter with grease and humidity should be used in other ways to cleanse.

to prevent Pebble support layer of displacement, can in fine particles filter material and pebble support layer Zhijian set a layer 75 mm thickness of Pomegranate stone or ilmenite Shi Chengtuo layer, and limit anti-flush of flow and head, don't with high pressure water set decompression valve for flush water, because valve often inevitable to will encountered failure, caused high pressure water mobile support layer, led support layer pebble and filter material occurred mixed.

removing mud balls can increase water Backwashing intensities and Backwashing, and set the washing, air-assisted measures to deal with it. Filter layer mud balls on the surface of available manual scraping.