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How to improve the efficiency of the filter?

(1) to ensure a reasonable level of feed concentration. In theory, the filter press feeding the higher the concentration, the better. The higher the concentration, filter cycle is short, can maintain its larger capacity, ideal filter cake moisture and lower solids content of the filtrate. However, is generally the end of rake thickener in coal preparation plant in China flows into the filter, is too high to of rake thickener underflow normal and safe operation of hazard, if the underflow of the pursuit of higher, can cause pressure rake rake thickener, affecting the normal production. Therefore, the filter press feeding concentrations should be maintained at 400~600g/L, so that not only can ensure the filter press feeding concentrations, and ensure the normal operation of rake thickener.
(2) maintain proper feed pressure. Feeding pressure filter is the main driving force, feeding more pressure, filter faster, however, excessive feed pressure likely to cause wear of the equipment; Early feeding, not withholding enough material in the filter Chamber, seal strictly speaking the filtration Chamber is not ideal, so feed to maintain low pressure high flow in the early stages, filter, pressure control in 0.11~0.12MPa, otherwise the filter will run, and subsequent pressure filtration and cake and cake discharge adversely affected. Pressure filtration phase of pressure control in 0.149~0.159MPa is appropriate, but not greater than 0.18MPa, so as to avoid excessive pressure on the filter plate, rack and other damage as well as feed pump for unnecessary wear. Site by valve throttle pressure, can also feed pump electrical machinery of frequency conversion pump head (stress) adjust the;
(3) ensure reasonable in size. Coal slurry treatment system in our country most selection press slime recovery, realization of washing water closed-circuit, but there are also parts of coal slime centrifuge (high-frequency screen) or other equipment with coal sludge filter press joint operations, coal slime recovering and washing water closed-circuitry. For the former process, filter press feeding the size composition of slurry is uncontrollable. But, Hou a process design is has must of flexibility, that Dang washing system (or floating selected system) run rough Shi, can will part concentrated machine end of flow reasonable shunt into coal mud centrifugal machine, recycling rough material, and will centrifugal machine centrifugal liquid returns pressure filter machine into material, this both can improved pressure filter machine into material of grain degrees composition, and can improved pressure filter machine work status.
filter is ideal for slime water treatment equipment, main factors affect the health of your filter press is feeding pressure, concentration, particle size and level of operations. Filter presses to improve working conditions, increase productivity, and to combine actual production of coal preparation plant and production process, affecting factors of filter working conditions reasonable control and effective adjustments to ensure that the filter will operate efficiently.