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Plate and frame filter presses advantage in the chemical processing of agricultural products

Plate and frame filter press is promoting because the liquid layer relies on gravity filtration, filtration rate so it is generally small, more especially in the filtered solids or liquids with high viscosity when the filtrate, the gravity filter is no longer applicable. Pressure filter must be used to obtain the filtration rate fast enough, plate-and-frame type filter is typical of this pressure filter equipment. Plate and frame filter press consists of multiple filter plate formed of alternating with the filter box and Plate and frame filter press equipment as a whole, as well as the structure of the filter plates and filter box. Each number of the filter plates and filter box, depending on the filtering capacity and filter pulps of the case may be, such as larger or solid feed slurry production content, the more, the frame number is also required more. Filter press with timely Board and box should be arranged alternately, and plate, frame with the screw firmly so that operation of landfill leachate from seeping through the joint gap in the.
operation Shi, filter pulp since filter box Shang angle of channel into filter armature, then filtrate through cover Yu filter Board Shang of filter cloth, along Board Shang of ditches dirty, since filter Board end of small tube discharge, by salt residue was left in box within, formed filter and, stay box within was residue plug full Shi, will stop operation, relax Board, and box, out filter box, will box within filter cake removed, then will filter box and filter cloth wash NET, again loaded collection, to prepared again once of filter, washing Shi, wash liquid accounts washing Board into, Mao filter cloth and filter cake, Collections in the non-export of the wash plate lower end out.
visible on the plate-and-frame filter press operation is intermittent, and by load, • filter, discarding residue, wash four procedures constitute a cycle. If you need washing of filter cake, in the cycle have yet to Dr Chiu time. Pressure plate-and-frame filter press operation, usually table plate frames made from various materials that are available, such as cast iron, cast steel, aluminum, copper, wood, etc. The thickness of the filter box is usually 2~50mm, the thickness of the filter plate is fixed, depending on the pressure, filter plates and filter box for square.
advantages of plate and frame filter presses are: filter compact, large filter area, and the pressure is high, apply filters or liquid viscosity is very high and the suspensions of solids content, the very popular. But the drawback is the low production efficiency, damage of the filter cloth, manual labor; plate-and-frame filter can be used in the production of fruit juice, beer, etc, can also be used for recovery of yeast after fermentation and separation of unwanted bacteria.